Saturday, April 11, 2009


Deze vacature zag ik net staan, ik kan me niet herinneren dat ik ooit gesolliciteerd heb, maar op de een of andere manier ben ik erin gerold .....

Employment Opportunity

  • Duties include (but are not limited to):
    Janitorial duties, including (but not limited to): cleaning toilets, floors, walls, windows, laundry, emptying waste, picking up after others.
  • Telephone reception.
  • Making appointments.
  • Driving people to their appointments.
  • Care of children from infancy to adulthood, including but not limited to their physical care, emotional care, discipline and moral training.
  • Administering first line medical attention in both emergencies and non-emergency situations.
  • Supervising triage for all medical situations.
  • Preparation of all meals (may have periodic sous chef help). Supervising all activities by sous chefs and kitchen staff.
  • Organizing the purchase of supplies needed for the kitchen (including but not limited to food) clothing for those who live in the household and all household supplies, both consumable and non-consumable, all within the budget set for you.
  • Supervising varying numbers of children.
  • Educating the children that belong to this household, including both academics and electives.
  • Other duties as needed. There will also be duties outside of this direct employment that will be required, such as volunteer work in a church and/or community organizations. Some travel may be required.
  • Hours: 0000 hours to 2359 hours. There are no vacation days for this position. No sick days will be allowed!
  • Salary/Benefits: The successful applicant will receive free room and board and will be provided with the budget necessary for maintaining the duties as outlined above, as well as to provide for personal needs. Also included in the benefit package are unlimited supplies of hugs and kisses, an occasional dinner out, and breakfast served in bed once per year on the second Sunday in May.
  • Our Guarantee: Despite the lengthy duty roster, unending hours, poor pay and complete lack of time off, previous employees holding this position have found it so rewarding that they have chosen to stay with the company for the duration of their lives. We guarantee that the successful applicant will feel the same. If you don’t, you have to stay anyway.

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Anonymous said...

haha! En je was al bij de 1e keer (Kelsey) solliciteren aangenomen!! By the way...wie voert het functioneringsgesprek? Of doen ze dat alle 4?

Liefs, Christa